Acrylic, Painting, Watercolor Enamels

Acrylic Enamels

Standard enamel powder bound and dispersed in a transparent, water emulsion of acrylic polymer resin. A multipurpose artist's medium in brilliant colors. All colors can be intermixed. Paint thin or thick using brush, palette knife, spatula, etc. Dry one color and over paint with a second or third and fire once. Use in combination with water colors enamels, crayon enamels, oxides, 80 mesh enamels. Good silk screen potential; water clean up. If used occassionally, before it dries in the tube cut the tube open and place contents in another container. It re-hydrates so you can use it all. Use A-13 Acrylic Medium or water to re-hydrate.  Comes in 1/3 fl oz. collapsible tubes. Use on a pre-enameled surface. Fire at 1540° F for a minute or to gloss.

AC-906E   Green  $9.80

AC-907E   Red  $11.50

AC-908E   Yellow  $11.50

AC-909E   Orange  $11.50

AC-910E   Brown  $9.80

AC-911E   Blue  $9.80

AC-912E   Black  $9.80

AC-913E   Antimony White  $9.80

AC-914E   Titanium White  $9.80

AC-SET   Set of 9 colors  $86.35


Special Blends - Gold and/or Silver Bearing

  • AC-915E  Purple  $12.15
  • AC-916E  Rose Pink  $12.15
  • AC-917E  Yellow Ocher  $12.15
  • AC-SET-2  Set of 3 colors  $35.15

Overglaze Painting Colors

These are finely ground and strongly pigmented enamel colors. They may be used over a base coat of enamel with or without a top coat of transparent enamel. The eight colors selection including 913E, mixing white, can be mixed like paints to create almost any color that you wish. The 914E white liner can be used to make intense white lines over dark colors. You can apply the colors with either a brush or a pen. These colors are sold in the dry powder form and may be mixed with your choice of either an oil or water based medium. Also available in a premixed oil base.

906E   Green

907E   Red

908E   Yellow

909E   Orange

910E   Brown


Dry Powder

1 oz.   $16.55

8 oz.   $99.00   Special order

900E-Set of 9 colors dry above  $121.40   Special order


Special Blends - Gold and/or Silver Bearing  
Special order

  • 915E  Purple 1 oz. dry  $23.15
  • 916E  Rose Pink 1 oz. dry  $23.15
  • 917E  Yellow Ocher 1 oz. dry  $23.15
  • 900-SET-2  Set of 3 dry Special Blend colors   $62.85 

911E   Blue

912E   Black

913E   Mixing White

914E   White Liner



Oil Base

1 fl. oz.   $35.65

Painting Enamel Kit

This kit is for use with miniature and other painting techniques on enamel. These colors can be intermixed to make a large palette of painting colors. Includes 9 grams each of 14 ceramic pigments (oxides), 3 pink - lavender painting colors, 1 oz. 913E dry mixing white, 1 oz. PF-1 painting flux, 2 oz. A-12 painting oil and mixing instructions.

When using the ceramic pigments for painting, they require specific proportions of pigments to mixing white or painting flux to achieve the best potential color and ability to gloss when fired.

For most colors, mix 20% ceramic pigment to 80% painting flux or mixing white. For OC-70 or OC-71 (cadmium/selenium) pigments, mix only with painting flux in the proportion of 5% pigment to 95% enamel. For OC-95 (gold bearing), only mix with dry 913E Mixing white in any proportion of pigment to mixing white. Use lavender or other suitable water base or oil media. Can be mixed with Overglaze Painting Colors (dry or oil base) including Overglaze Painting Color Mixing White 913E.

PK-1 $101.90

Pink/Lavender Painting Colors


1 oz. dry powder $21.05  Special order

Painting Flux

For enamel painting, mix 1-1/2 to 6 parts flux with one part ceramic pigment. Use with suitable water base or oil media. Can be mixed with Overglaze Painting Colors (dry or oil base) including Overglaze Painting Color Mixing White 913E.


PF-1  1 oz.  $16.55     8 oz.   $99.00

Painting and Screening Enamels

SEC Set Thompson GPP dry powder is premixed in A-14 water miscible screening medium. The consistency is perfect for screening or painting and has a great shelf life. All colors can be intermixed. If slight thinning is desired for a special application, use A-14. Can be used with a quill pen by mixing well with an equal volume of water to make fine line colors. Clean up with water. When used with screens made with water-developed photo emulsion, clean with mineral spirits.

The Glass Painting Powders will attach to glass at 1250 degrees F. They will gloss between 1300 and 1400 degrees. F. They may be taken up to 1450 degrees F. without loss of color. Firing times and temperatures are only guides. Your actual experience may indicate the firing may need to be more or less time and temperature.

SEC-16 White

SEC-17 Green

SEC-18 Bright Yellow

SEC-19 Bright Blue

SEC-20 Orange

SEC-21 Bright Red

SEC-22 Maroon

SEC-23 Brown

SEC-24 Black

Special Order

Sold individually as 1/2 fl. oz   $9.90 each

Set of all 9 colors and 1 oz of A-14   $76.35

Ceramic Pigments (Oxides)

These ceramic coloring compounds are used like water colors for shading and details. They are applied to the surface of the enamel. The underlying enamel is stained by firing. Since they are highly pigmented powders, they are used in thin, film-like layers. They are not an enamel in themselves and need to be covered with a transparent enamel on the finish firing. Sold in 20 gram amounts per color. They can be mixed with Painting Flux or with Mixing White 913E.  Color samples shown over 1020 Titanium White.   Special order

OC-16 Blue $4.75

OC-18 Blue $9.15

OC-32 Yellow $5.40

OC-50 Black $11.05

OC-70 Red $11.05

OC-71 Orange $11.05

OC-82 Yellow Brown $4.75

OC-83 Brown $4.75

OC-85   Red Brown $4.75

OC-95   Red Purple $25.50

OC-169 Tan Yellow $4.75

OC-170 Blue Green $4.75

Water Color Enamels

For use on a clean oil free, vitreous surface. Colors can be used straight from the pan using water or a gum solution as the solvent; or the colors can be transferred, with a brush, to another pan where they can be further diluted or intermixed with other colors. A good starting point on white enameled steel tile or on white enameled copper is to fire at 1400°-1450°F for 1-1/2 to 2 minutes or until glossy. If using thin enameled steel plates (ESP),fire at 1400°-1450°F for 1-1/2 minutes. Water colors will become transparent and produce excellent gloss when fired appropriately. Can also be used for shading when used with 80 mesh enamels.  Color samples shown over 1020 Titanium White.

BWC-5  Clear

BWC-6   Green

BWC-7   Red

BWC-8   Yellow

BWC-9   Orange


Individual Color $ 7.25 each

BWC-10   Brown

BWC-11   Blue

BWC-12   Black

BWC-13   Antimony White

BWC-14   Titanium White


BWC-SET  Set of 9 colors above  $64.15


Special Blends - Gold and/or Silver Bearing

  • BWC-15   Purple
  • BWC-16   Rose Pink
  • BWC-17   Yellow Ocher
  • Individual Color $9.15 each

  • BWC-SET-2  Set of 3 Special Blend colors   $24.75