Liquid Form Enamels

Liquid Form Brushable Enamels

Excellent for use as a counter enamel. For optimum coverage sift 80 mesh dry enamel into freshly painted brushable enamels. Tamp down with fingers and dry. Dries hard and can be handled so you can completely enamel both sides of a piece in one firing, warp free. Can also be used as painting colors to achieve water color effects. This product may require two coats for coverage.

LCE-1 Black

LCE-4 Green

LCE-7 Blue

LCE-2 Semi Clear

LCE-5 Red

LCE-8 Yellow

LCE-3 White

LCE-6 Brown

LCE-9 Orange

4 oz Dry   $19.15    8 oz Dry $37.25   1 pint liquid No Longer Available

  LCE-SET (set of all nine colors above in 2 oz jars) $77.35

Liquid Form Water Base Enamels

Base Coats for first coat application

4 oz Dry   $19.15    8 oz Dry   $37.25   1 pint liquid No Longer Available


Liquid Form Enamel Colors

Also known as CRACKLE ENAMEL. Used for spraying or dipping. When used over medium temperature-medium expansion enamels 2008 clear, 1006 white or 1997 black, a crackle effect can be produced. They will also crackle when fired over a lead bearing enamel.  Add water to thin. Can be mixed to create other colors. This product can be sprayed from an air gun. You may have problems with the nozzle getting plugged on an air brush.

We recommend you create a test tile, as colors vary by display. Colors shown are from printed color chart, not fired samples.


767 Peacock Blue

769 Goldenrod Yellow

770 Princeton Orange

771 Flame Red

772 Black

774 Cocoa

790 Imperial Blue

791 Hunter's Green

799 SKy Blue

800 Petal Pink

801 Hyacinth

929 Chartreuse

930 Chinese Red

935 Robin Egg Blue

936 Beige

937 Coral

940 Mouse


4 oz Dry   $19.15    8 oz Dry   $37.25   1 pint liquid No Longer Available

 LFE-SET Ten colors: 2 oz each of 533, 767, 769, 770, 771, 772, 774, 801, 929 and 937   $85.90

Note: We have previous purchases of 767 Peacock Blue and 930 Chinese Red which we will continue to sell at the old price of $10.25 per 8 oz Dry until sold out.