FAR OUT Tie Dye Dichro Magic Decal  2-3/4 x 8-1/2”  $14.95


DICHRO Slide Sample Set

Includes 6 solid color decals that can be cut with scissors or paper punches.   Each color is 2” x 2”.     $34.00

Carefree Lusters™

Carefree Lusters™ are used as a surface application which results in a "metal flake" or "sparkle" appearance. Stabilized for glass, glazed ceramic and enameled metal applications. Supplied as a dry powder for mixing in water or oil base media. Lead-free and without toxic fumes; but avoid breathing dust. Apply by brush to dry, fused vitreous surface, air dry and fire at a pre-determined temperature. Fire at 1350°F for 3 minutes with enamels on copper. It comes in 12 colors: clear silver, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, metallic yellow, metallic orange, metallic red, metallic gold, metallic purple and metallic green.  LTK-1 Sample packets of the 12 powder colors $14.95  

LR colors are powders

LR-1 20 gm Jar, specify color $13.50    These are special order     

LR-Set - Rainbow Kit: 20 grams each of 12 lusters (c) $149.20   These are special order

WCL are watercolors

WCL 10 gm Jar, specify color $6.90  These are special order                                   

WCL-Set 10 gm of 12 colors $73.25 These are special order



New Lusters and Mother of Pearls Powders (Price Per 25 Grams)

These can be used as a surface application or can be covered with transparent glass. The results look like metal-flake or have a sparkle appearance. Supplied as a dry powder for mixing with water or an oil base medium. Apply by brush to a dry, fused vitreous surface, air dry and fire at a low temperature. Try 1300°F for 3 min. for enamels on copper.

LS-1343  Hi-Light Blue Luster Powder    $9.45 Only 3 available - Will be discontinued when gone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Luster Decal Sheets For use on any vitreous surface: enamel on metal, enamel on window glass, stained glass and pottery. Cut out your design, place in water for a few seconds, position, squeegee, dry and fire. For more than one color let decal dry for a few minutes, add the next color in the same manner. Decals can be overlapped on the first, second or third firings.

All Luster sheets are special order  except the LTK-2

Solid color decals:

                     Silver          Blue           Green         Purple        Yellow        Orange        Red

8.5" x 5.5"    DSS-6        DSB-6        DSB-6        DSP-6        DSY-6        DSO-6        DSR-6

8.5" x 11"     DSS-11      DSB-11      DSG-11      DSP-11      DSY-11      DSO-11      DSR-11

12” x 8 3/4” sheet    $ 14.15        6” x 8 3/4” half sheet    $7.40 Special Order

LTK-2 Trial packet , 3" x 4" Sheets, seven colors $13.50